Wednesday, August 10, 2011

happy a day . :)

what going on here ? happy with your lifestyle ?

hopefully you all happy yea !

this statement shows that person need to be cool when having some problem with someone .

just peace be in mind . not have to make sour face * to that problem one . 

it help you to keep in mind that ISLAM always command to people that

we have to kill or fight with our badly or evil behaviour (nafsu) . 

Nafsu will kill ourself through the what have you done . 

when you have done badly to someone . try to get forgiveness from that person . 

when someone done something badly to you . try to forget that things and try to forgive 

that person . Prophet Muhammad S.A.W always forgave his ummat . 

so , peace be in mind that you have to appear like you have nothing bad 

in your mind in front of your friends .


Muhammad Atif Bin Ibni Hajat .

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