Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Friend !

all together , I say this for all PMR candidates , we all studied very much , and result come out , teachers just say
, "Don't worry , SPM is yours future " . And we are as students , we felt what just we studied very much , just as a playground for teachers , but not for me , we have to find any lessons from different teachers , country , and many more source of teach , what matter when you pass the SPM , you don't even study against when you in school ? hah , what fool are you , until die , we have to find a lot of  'ILMU' because 'ILMU' can bring us to the truth ways of life . Al-Quran is the most importand 'ILMU' , what the index of Al-Quran , Al-Quran can bring us to the truth way , ISLAM , :)

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fizie said...

bagus2! post yang bagus dan ada usaha nak post dalam BI.